Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

On my first day of stay at Currimao's luxury resort hotel, Playa Tropical, the receptionist advised me to visit Paoay Church. I was told that it was a good 15-minute tricycle ride away. I did not hesitate and met with my tricycle guide.

I read somewhere that it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Immediately I understood why because the larger-than-life buttresses sticking out on the church's side was simply amazing to stand next to. One can disappear on the foreground of a photograph because the facade of the church alone has a very imposing presence.

The church was already closed when I arrived so I settled with photo opportunities outside.

Nearby, I spotted a residential ruin which was donated by the owners as stated on the gate just across from Paoay Church. I was fortunate to see an ongoing amateur photo shoot being done inside the ruins. The place was nothing special to look at on its own, but by being next to the church, the area is given that authentic heritage aura.

As soon as I was done with roaming around the ruins, I headed off to Batac.

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  1. may ruins pala dyan near the church... sayang di ko napuntahan...

    1. Yes, PA. It's just across the church. Nagkataon open that day siguro at may local photo shoot. Donated 'ata by the original owners sa town.


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