Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012
Yummy fruit salad tray
Hotel buffet for P800?! And from a world-class hotel such as Marriott?!

Buffet dreams can come true. Marriott Cafe in Manila recently had its 50% off on buffet again since it opened two years ago. August is a rainy season month and most Filipinos were either displaced or refusing to go out of their homes which is probably why the famous hotel scheduled the discount buffet last month. Imagine sampling world cuisine for P800 only instead of the full cost of P1,600.

Much like what I did during my buffet-fest, I will share less words about my experience and let you feast on what I feasted on.

Unfortunately, when I phoned Marriott-Manila again today at (63-2) 988-9990, Marriott Cafe attendant Cheska informed me that the hotel still does not have another 50% Buffet scheduled anytime soon.

I'm crossing my fingers that they will have the next one this November.

Arriving at the Marriott

This station is the most sought-after at the Marriot Cafe.
The piece of thinly-sliced lamb I got which I was not able to finish.
The fruit and seafood station. I ignored this part of the resto.

The salad section adorned with that set of strobe lights as backdrop.
The dessert station
My dessert plate
My sad meal plates. I know I could've been more greedy but the strategy is to taste test flavors.
I washed down everything with a cup of cappuccino.
The bar next to the hotel reception area
The infinity pool upstairs

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