Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Bagusina Island from a distance

A recent boating experience off the coast of Padre Burgos, Quezon Province in the Tayabas Bay was so memorable that others deserve to try it. The boat ride was not cheap because it was the peak season for summer vacationers that time.

For P2,000, our bangkero was able to transfer us from the resort mainland which was the takeoff point to two island beaches namely Borawan (Boracay + Palawan) and Dampalitan (a favorite among campers). We were able to stay a good 30 minutes per island beach before returning to the resort.

The ride made me see at least two more islands before I reached the island beaches. It was good that the weather that day was fine so I did not have a hard time moving around our small boat. For an office worker like me, seeing nature this way was priceless.

Useful Tip: Make sure you sign a proper boating document before embarking on a boat ride which we did. This is why it's best to avail of boat ride packages from the beach resort and not just from anybody who's offering it.

Our takeoff point was The Tamarind Tree resort where we were also staying.

Commute: The resort is a good 3-hour bus ride from Metro Manila to Lucena and another 1-hour bus ride from the Lucena bus terminal to Padre Burgos. A tricycle ride can take you from the main road to the beach resort entrance.

Our small boat and Bagusina Island from the distance
Resort clients kayaking by sunset
Bagusina Island up close (the name comes from kusina or kitchen)
Our local bangkero for the boat ride

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