Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012
The beachfront entrance overlooking Bagusina Island
Turista Project: Padre Burgos, Quezon Province

I did not have the same long Holy Week vacation as most Filipinos had last summer. I was still working the night before the holidays but with full anticipation of going to Quezon Province where I would finally have the chance to celebrate my birthday.

My destination was Tamarind Tree Resort at Padre Burgos with the budget of only Php3,000. I already scratched Caramoan and Currimao off of my to-go options this April. I would need more than 2 days for either of those vacation spots. Quezon Province was a good alternative to Batangas, Cavite or Bataan when you can't go further than a 4-hour travel time (except for Baler and other destinations in northern Quezon Province) from Metro Manila.

Commute To Padre Burgos

I took the Lucena-bound Jac Liner at Kamias, Quezon City Terminal (Php200+). In less than 3 hours, I was boarding another bus (non-air-conditioned Unisan-bound bus for Php40) at the Grand Central Terminal of Lucena to reach Padre Burgos. That's an additional 1 hour trip before 1 more tricycle ride to the entrance of Tamarind Tree resort.

Resort Accommodations

My hilltop hut was for Php1,500. The bathroom access was outside of it but the surrounding garden was worth the inconvenience of having to step outside of the hut. Besides there weren't a lot of guest huts at the resort which meant that there were not much guests to compete for bathroom use. Plus, taking a few steps through a pathway of a well manicured garden of various plants and flowers was a treat for me who have been accustomed to staring at concrete walls and buildings.

Allure of Nature

If you're looking for a chance to commune with nature, the Tamarind Tree Resort is a fitting place to do so. The various types of huts are designed for couples, families, and barkadas. Anyone needing some time off the city's hustle and bustle can enjoy the rustic allure of the place. A day without access to television and just being surrounded by tall trees is a precious experience.

Swimming at Tamarind Tree

The resort is situated at a fishing village that's why the beachfront is nothing like the selected shorelines of some decent resorts in Batangas or Cavite. As a matter of fact, the Tayabas bay at Padre Burgos was as calm as a lake.

In the afternoon during my stay, the low tide gave the beach an interesting surface for photo opportunities. The morning of the next day gave me a glimpse of how nice the beach front can look under pleasant weather.

The pleasant-looking beachfront; not best for swimming but good for boating
The nipa hut where I stayed in
The resort has lots of cotton trees

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  1. I am looking forward to seeing this beautiful place..Good job Karl!

  2. Thank you, whoever you are, for dropping by and checking out this post.

  3. Hi! Why is the beach not good for swimming?

    1. It's ridiculously shallow and has lots of sea urchins during summertime. Maybe it's better for dipping during the rainy season.


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